Top 5 Activities for Seniors to Still Enjoy

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There is a saying that goes, “Old dogs can learn new tricks.” In many ways, this can be said of people — including seniors. Even with age comes spontaneity! Outdoor activities for seniors gives your more active older adult an excellent way to have fun while getting exercise, while at the same time enjoying life.
So if your loved one is planning to spend some quality time outside this season, give him or her some ideas to get going. Perhaps you could go for a walk at a local park together or visit a place that offers attractions and entertainment. You could spend a morning at a natural area. You could rent a kayak for the day, take the kids on a nature hike or even take a tennis lesson together.
Seniors enjoy the same fun and thrills as kids do. Make time for them.

Can’t find some quality activities? Ask local senior centers if they have some that your senior friend can get involved in.

Doing so might bring back memories of your own youth.

Remember — when we feel good about ourselves and we feel like we have done something worthwhile, it can be inspiring to others around us.

Outdoor activities are popular among seniors because they provide them with a sense of independence. In addition, we have lost touch with nature. Yet, our connection to the outdoors can still help us feel more connected. As one study has shown, when those with more physical activity report an increased sense of peace and greater sense of well-being, they are also better able to identify with others and also communicate more clearly.

As you age, you have more free time to enjoy daytime activities because you are no longer working. You can enjoy all kinds of different activities as a senior without having to worry about the demands of a full-time job. Here are some ideas for daytime activities that can also help you boost your health and wellness, along with your mood.

Learn something new.

Take an art class. You might enjoy taking a knitting or a drawing class. You can try your hand at photography. You can try doing something creative in a new way that uses your brain.

Dress up.

If your senior is interested in attending a local senior center, maybe there is a dance event that she can attend. Or maybe there is a senior choir that she can join. Check with the local senior centers in your area.

Encourage your senior to be involved.

Seniors have a wide variety of interests and talents. Encourage your senior to consider volunteering at the local senior center. Your senior can become a member and show some of her art, or learn to play a new instrument or sing in a choir. If there are opportunities for seniors to contribute to school programs or in service clubs, they should consider getting involved.


There are many ways to volunteer your time at the local senior center. They will need volunteers for activities and even for delivering meals. Most seniors have a great deal to offer and some will be especially happy to volunteer to visit a homebound person.

In conclusion, senior activities are an excellent way to boost your health and also be an inspiration to others. You can enjoy doing something with your senior in the fresh air and good company. But remember, your senior’s health is more important than your pleasure in making time for his or her entertainment. Don’t let your senior live in loneliness and isolation. Make the effort to get out with your loved one and make a new friend.

Focus on making that connection to make a difference.

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