The top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now

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Welcome to the top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Annovera: ‘Unapologetically Annovera,’ McCann
Contraception ring Annovera delivers an unapologetic critique of the euphemism “the ‘V’ word,” too often used to tiptoe around the reality of women’s physiology. The spot from McCann kicks off with an unabashed declaration, putting “vagina” literally in neon lights, and weaving messages of empowerment through the inevitable, legally mandated medical disclaimers.




4. McDonald’s: ‘Happy Meal Senior,’ Nord DDB
McDonald’s is reconnecting seniors in Sweden with their grandchildren, in an initiative from Nord DDB. Using socially distanced art stations, kids can draw pictures and messages that McDonald’s employees place inside Happy Meals. The personalized food is then delivered directly to grandparents sheltering at home.




3. Burger King: ‘The King of Stream,’ David Miami
Burger King showed a few Twitch streamers some love by making small donations to their channels. Twitch’s donation bot read the commercial messages aloud, explaining that the money was just enough to grab mini-milkshakes or 40-piece nuggets. While plenty of the streamers were confused by the campaign from David Madrid, more than a few of them decided to spend the cash for a bite.




2. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: ‘Funeral,’ Vox Creative
Vox Creative’s first-ever TV spot is a PSA for the Ad Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the dangers of driving while high. But far from the Scared Straight messaging many of us grew up with, this ad spoofs a horror flick, complete with an ax murderer, scared stoners and surprisingly responsible decision-making.




1. Tampax: ‘It’s Time to Tampax,’ Publicis New York
Many celebrities don’t want to talk about tampons, but not Amy Schumer. She’s never shied away from period humor in her act and, as the new spokesperson for Tampax, she’s getting others to open up, too. In addition to traditional spots that take place in a doctor’s office and grocery store, she interviews real-life shoppers about period myths and taboos.




That’s it for the Top 5. Make sure to check out more of the best in brand creativity at

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