When we say the word “retirement,” what image pops into your mind? Is it a tropical vacation somewhere? Is it a golf course with friends? Maybe relaxing with your grandkids? Whatever it is, I hope it’s a happy image. Because retirement should be just that – happy, healthy, and wealthy.

Keep Moving

Many people consider moving in retirement. … Even if you think you’ll stay in your home after you retire, it’s still worthwhile to consider your new lifestile.

Try Something New

Master a foreign language, grasp computer skills, learn new hobbies or additionally, if you are looking for something more gentle, try the best online fitness classes.

Stay Engaged

Exercise, reading, and crossword puzzles may provide the stimulus to help stay fit mentally and physically, but working is also an excellent way to stay engaged.

Learn How To Keep Mentally Fit After Retirement

Good news is that there are things that retirees can do to keep their brains as sharp as when they were working, and they are easy to do.

  1. Physical activity, i.e. exercise, helps keep people’s brain working as well as the rest of their body. 
  2. Find the proper ways to socialize like joining a club or to make lunch dates with friends, or volunteer for a cause. In fact, volunteering is the best way to be socially engaged.
  3. Exercise your brain so experts think that challenging your brain with mental exercise can help maintain individual brain cells and stimulate conversation between them.
  4. Sleep has a very important role in learning and memory. Research shows that key memory-enhancing occurs during the deepest sleep stages.

Having Trouble Finding Your Retirement Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And We Are Here to Help!

When you reach the time to retire  it is important to look at your life as if from the outside and re-assess where you want it to take you from now onwards. Your life involves others not just you so whatever you wish to do it may also affect not only you but your partner, your friends and family and your community too. You might also realise that as you get older your health and well-being becomes even more important and that this is the time to look at your lifestyle in relation to your state of health and wellness and deciding what you must do now to increase your chances of a healthy old age.

How We Can Help

The purpose of platform is to offer you some great options for your retirement plan. Doesn’t matter at what stage you are we have plenty of directions for everyone. Imagine nearly 2 out of 3 seniors say their finances are a primary driver behind their decision to keep working. Well, that will be something we want you to change. This platform is fully dedicated to you.Here’s what you can do to make your retirement a happy one:

Create A Predictable Paycheck

Are you ready for retirement? If you’re like me, you’ve decided that yes, it’s finally time. But you don’t know how to get there. While there are a lot of things you can do to begin saving for retirement, it’s still important to get started..

Stick With What You Know

Keep your retirement accounts well-invested in high-quality, liquid, low-cost, long-duration investments. They need to remain investment grade, meaning debt securities of good quality with a sufficient yield. This requires active management of your investments.

Find Four Hobbies

Hobbies for retirees to consider include gardening, fishing, going to the theater or concerts, bird watching, hiking and many other activities to keep body and mind active. Or, if you have time, take up a new hobby, try different crafts or learn a new language.

Rent Lent In Life

Retirement new life has not been bad for people at all. Are you enjoying it? The exercise, the sunshine, and the birds are waking you up!

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Picking The Right Retirement Plan Can Set You Free

As always it is about balance. There has to be a balance between what you do only for yourself and what you do because of pressure from others.

If you can balance both of these demands on your time and energy so much the better for you. However if not be aware of your own internal reactions to doing those things you love to do against doing something because of an obligation. If the latter leaves you feeling drained or stressed then it is very important to confront this and make adjustments so that whatever you do generally gives you a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Set yourself clear goals you wish to work towards. Visualise what your life will look like when you achieve these. Listen to the positive reactions of others when you succeed and notice how you feel when you know you are doing what you love to do.

About Retire4Fun Platform

Retirement Planning Strategy

By nature, we don’t know how long we’ll live and when we’ll need the income, so it’s best to set this in advance. Not only is your retirement planning strategy based on your ability to create a meaningful retirement income, but it also needs to take into consideration what’s available on the open market and whether it can supplement your income as well. We can offer you multiple ideas of how you can achieve that.

Our Approach

Get yourself prepared in this way to step into your new life!  Because when you do this regularly then your subconscious mind enables you to make the necessary adjustments to eventually be able to achieve what you really want to succeed in doing during your retirement years.

Our Vision

You’ve spent the majority of your years planning, saving, and making money by working hard in your career. Your job may have been your passion, but now is the time to seek out new opportunities. Find new passions that leave you feeling fulfilled even without a paycheck. Create stronger bonds with the people around you

Our Conclusion

With proper guidance and the right tools the “new” retirement journey will be the most beautiful period of your life.  And …“There is a whole new kind of life ahead, full of experiences just waiting to happen. Some call it ‘retirement.’ I call it ‘bliss.’” – Betty Sullivan

We’ve Developed Fun & Easy To Use Methods For a Great Retirement Plan That Works

Our Baby Boom generation is facing a new kind of retirement. Most of us don’t have pension funds. We’re not sure we can count on Social Security, and we know that Medicare alone isn’t the best fall-back plan for our post-retirement healthcare needs. What to do? Check my 5 easy steps to a succesful elderly care, for FREE!

“Being on retirement It was something I had felt a little conflicted about, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I must understand the advantages of this wonderful period of time. Thanks “Retire4Fun” for helping me find my way.”
Louise J. Helms

So often we are focused on our current financial situation, our current bank account balance, or our current retirement fund status. That’s understandable to a point. But these numbers reflect the past, they don’t tell us about our future.

George C. Pierce

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