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Having the advantage of prosperous parents meeting all their needs for higher education, better lifestyles and more freedom during developmental years meant baby boomers were equipped to face life on their own terms: flouting conventions, questioning established rules, bringing in new political thoughts and working towards radical change in the corporate community. This lead to a sense of higher goal settings and the ability to reach them too, since baby boomers were a privileged lot.

Subsequently, their desires were always more than that of their parents: so independent, dominant and powerful positions enjoyed by the baby boomer generation at work and the success that can with it naturally guided them towards finding ways to maintain use of their creative energies usefully, even post-retirement, which brings us to the topic of raising quality of life for baby boomers via community action and other such programs.

Trying to find ways to ensure an active lifestyle even after retirement became important for those professionals belonging to the baby boomers generation more because they followed a creed of shunning the aging process and finding ways to stay young, through a deliberate disciplining of their body – then be it exercises and fitness routines that nearly broke their hips or using advanced collagen treatments to reverse the aging process, this generation tried it all!

Baby boomers developed confidence, the need to question authority and the establishment, got all their needs met by affluent parents and thus emerged an aware, highly qualified and hip lot of adults that easily got accustomed to communities around them recognizing their worth as much as they themselves did. Bill Parks, a former architecture director of Del Webb Corporation, predicts that the future sees many developers retiring and leading active post-retirement lives to benefit the adult community, of which there are over 1,200 country-wide – and others on the anvil.

The advantages of these post-retirement adult communities for baby boomers includes giving them a place to rest, relax and rejuvenate and then empowering them some to fend off the after-effects of an empty nest syndrome by giving them luxurious lifestyles and quality healthcare even after their current lifestyles have always managed to combine location, atmosphere, enviable sizing and best facilities always.

There are senior housing councils in the US that reveal mind-boggling figures like 207, 000 retired and qualified baby boomers availing the establishments in over 55 communities for about 1/5th of the 1.1 million purchases of new homes in 2003! Nearly $51 billion in sales were generated by these new homes owned by the baby boomers, so their planning was definitely in place!

Places like Arizona, Florida and sunny California were favored by the baby boomers looking for adult communities that provided for active lifestyles post-retirement -and they could well afford the lush golf courses, pools and country club memberships with the work they’d all put in that generated surplus wealth for their golden years.

These retirement communities for the baby boomers and those enjoyed by their parents differ greatly in the facilities offered and expected: the earlier lot were not too keen on the existence of fitness villages but the baby boomers were obsessive about working out and staying fit (read reversing aging effectively), so didn’t mind paying elite estate developers a fortune for near-resort like amenities and staying in close proximity of urban centers, such as the Sunbelt.

The current situation for retirement-age baby boomers is that the prohibitive price tag of living along the Sunbelt ($150,000 at the start for a 2BHK town home) has taken them further from the sunny climes in exchange for better health care as opposed to simply means of entertainment offered by the retirement adult communities enjoyed by the older generation.

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